What is my coin worth?

  • Posted By: Low Country Coins
  • March 3rd, 2018

You are going to drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what your coin is worth by looking on the internet! I get calls everyday from people just like you trying to figure it out. Because of this, we decided to write this page to get you started. Trust me, you are going to eventually call us. This will get you started none the less... ---Key dates: Every coin denomination has key dates. Well, every one except Roosevelt dimes and Kennedy halves. Anyway, key dates are the year and mintmark combination that have a much lower mintage than all the other coins in the series. By simple supply and demand, these coins are worth much more than the other coins in that series. ---Here is a list to get you looking. Don`t get discouraged, if you don`t have these dates, you may still have something special, it is JUST a brief synopsis of the BEST in each series and a ROUGH price to get you started. Obviously, the price changes with condition. This is really just a GENERAL guide for these types of coins to give you a basic idea on their value.