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Coin Selling Process

First, thank you for considering trusting us with your collection.  That trust is not taken lightly.  This is a business transaction.  It may be $5, it may be $150,000.  We want you to understand what you have and be comfortable the entire way.  If you don't know what you really have, you can not make a decision on selling it.  For example, say you think you have a $50,000 collection, and I offer you $10,000, you will be seriously offended and neither of us will achieve our goals.  Also, let's say you think you have a $500 collection, and I offer you $5000.  You will be extremely skeptical and probably not sell your coins.  Again, bad for us both.  We will educate you and explain everything.  With us, you will be in the driver's seat, and I will guide you through this complex process.

Second, read our article "How to sell your coins without being taken for a ride."

Third, call or email us.

We will discuss your collection.  I am going to ask you these questions:

    1.  How large is it? A shoe box, a brief case, 5 shoe boxes, or just a handful?  This way we know how much time to plan to spend with you.

    2.  What does it mainly consist of?  i.e. American coins from the 1880's?  Foreign coins?  Ancients.  This way we know what to expect.

    3.  When would you like to meet?  Today, this week, next month?  We are not pushy sales people.  You are the client.  We want to meet your schedule.  

    4. Would you like us to come to you, or would you prefer to come to us?  We are at 7800 Rivers Ave across from North Woods Mall.  Nestled right between Toys-R-Us and Moe's.  We will gladly travel several hours for a large collection.  It is always better to meet in one of the shops, but we can accomodate otherwise.

Fourth, if you feel like it, we ask that you organize it somewhat before we meet.  Not necessary, just makes our meeting much more efficient.  Just separate the quarters from the cents, from the dimes, from the halves, etc.  If they are just all jumbled together, it will take an additional hour to sort them out.  Many people do not do this.  It is NOT a big deal if you don't.  Just very nice of you if you do.

Fifth, our appointment: We will inventory all your coins on an inventory sheet.  We will grade all the coins, then attach the current market value to them with the latest dealer price guide.  You are welcome to use it, the grading guide, and the counterfeit detection guides just as we are using them.  This is where we do the teaching, tell corny jokes, recite useless coin trivia, and have the most boredom.

Sixth, we will make you our strongest offer from the get go.  No games and back and forth haggling.  We are as straight up as possible.  We give you our best from the beginning.  I do not want you wondering after I leave, "can I have gotten another $100 from Jason?"  Nope, I give you my best from the beginning.  No kidding, I buy coins everyday.  The only people who don't accept my offer are people that didn't want to sell anyway.  They wanted just an appraisal for their will, homeowners insurance policy, or probate.

Seventh, tell someone about us.  Referrals are the greatest form of flattery.

We'll see you soon!
Jason and Bill

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